How Are We Different From Other Practitioners?

We see several types of providers of our services in the market, here's how you can differentiate us.  Our Executive services fall into the fractional category, whereas our clerks and generalists are considered outsourced.

  1. Full Time: Permanent, on-site employees of the business, paid benefits and salary, and often confused with lower level management.
  2. Project/Interim: Often five days per week, temporary employees employed from a staffing firm.
  3. Fractional:  Usually on-site 2-10 days per month, with the same access and oversight as full time.  Perfect for companies 2-50M in revenue.
  4. Outsourced:  Remote support, often done by CPA firms or virtual teams heavily emphasizing traditional accounting and management.

Our executives average 20 years of experience in their industry, and in business, where our clerks are the best of the best nationwide.   They work directly with the client to help them meet their goals.

When Does a Business Need Help?

Once a business gets to a certain point, they need a team of executives; whether that's a CFO, CHRO, or CIO, or just a trusted staff of accounting clerks, we fill the need to help scale and grow.

There are also other indicators of when an existing business needs a hand:

  1. Profitability Concerns
  2. Cash Flow Issues
  3. Transitioning Ownership
  4. Difficulty with Getting Loans Approved
  5. Personnel Issues
  6. Recent HR Legal Issues
  7. Weak Infrastructure and Network
  8. Growth Issues

Your Success Is Our Success.

We are committed to the growth of your business at all levels.  We don't simply focus on one area, like finance, because there's more to your company.  If you only need us for one function, that's ok, too.