Locating, attracting, and hiring the right people for the right positions in your organization is extremely important.

What is your process for finding the right person for the job?

We can assist with entry level to executive level fills of vacant positions.

Training Programs

We write training programs specific to each job in your organization.  This includes having specific job related outlines for each position, and specific organizational contacts within your company.

There's nothing worse than starting a new job and having no direction.   Don't be THAT company.


We have a large inventory of interview questions.  This includes behavioral based, job related, and creative questions.

We want to get to know the candidate, and help to develop a specific interview experience for the candidate and company.

Benefits and Compensation

We work to identify trends in specific positions, gauge value of the position, and value of the candidate to the organization.

We also implement a benefits program for your company, such as 401k, insurance, and more.