What does "fractional" mean?

Fraction is a "part of the whole".

A whole is really expensive when we're talking about the executive levels of a company- especially if you're still in startup or growth mode.

When is "fractional" appropriate?

  1. When you're starting out and aren't sure how to budget, price, allocate, purchase, or negotiate for your business.
  2. When you hire people and can't afford a full time HR Manager to manage the process
  3. When you are expanding the business and need support 1-2 days per week managing the growth.
  4. When you need help allocating capital that you just raised for the business.

How much support do you get?

We offer help in 8-hour increments, up to 24 hours per week.  We work on a monthly basis, with no contracts other than month-to-month.

If you need more assistance than 24 hours per week, we usually suggest hiring full time.  We can help here, too.

What resources are available?

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Controller
  • HR Manager
  • Chief Executive Officer

We can step in for interim support as well should you be transitioning one of these roles.

How much does it cost?

We bill at $1,500 for a full 8-hour day.