Q. How are you different from a CPA firm?

A. We are not a CPA firm.   In fact, many of those on our team have worked as CPA's, but most of us have worked in corporate or small businesses as management accountants.   Our role is focused on the numbers and growth of your business, which is a different position than a certified public accountant.

Q. I have a CPA already.  Can I use them?

A. Yes, in fact we encourage you to have a CPA, and if you don't, we can introduce you to ours.   Since we don't specialize in filing taxes and performing audits like your CPA does, we appreciate preparing accurate documents for these providers.   This is why your CPA is an ideal partner for our business, and your business.

Q. What services do you provide?

A. Our mission is to provide you with services which will effectively scale your business.  These services include:

  • Chief Human Resource Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Accounting Clerk and Management Staff
  • Human Resources and Management Staff
  • Assessing Operational Efficiency
  • Maximizing Cash Flow
  • Improving internal accounting
  • Providing Exit Strategies

Q. Are you a staffing firm?

A. No.  Staffing firms make money based on placement of candidates, we place our own staff into your business on a part time basis to work on a project.   We manage our employees according to our extremely high standards, and only hire the best with specific experience in your industry.  This removes your risk and high cost of training, paid benefits, and high salaries.

Q. Why wouldn't I just hire my own Officers?

A. You can (and should)!   The need we fill is for companies who need executive and back office support, but don't have the ability to pay full time salaries.  We want to help you get to the point of hiring your own-  and we will assist in identifying, interviewing, and strategizing with your executive when it's time.

Q. I am a startup and haven't opened yet.  Can you help?

A. Yes!  We can help you with strategy, getting all documents in order, and forming your legal entity.   Our network of professionals and partners will ensure that your shop opens successfully, and stays open indefinitely.