Why Do I Need An Accounts Receivable Manager?

At SSR, we have experience working in Fortune 100 and 500 companies where these accounts receivable roles make up entire city blocks.  There are teams of individuals in several centers who are responsible for "getting you paid".

Do you want to get paid?   Well, if you made the product, of course you do!   No one works for free.

We take it personally when your customer doesn't pay the invoice.

SSR clerks work your process to perform every task involved with qualifying, notification, collecting, and applying cash.

We believe you need to get paid.  We manage your accounts receivable as if it were our own.


The Three Roles of Accounts Receivable

Credit Analysis

Perhaps the first step in the process after your sales force has taken an order.

What's your process?  It should involve a solid credit application, where all available information available on your customer is obtained.

Next, it is important to review all sources of reference for the customer.  Common sense applies, so if your customer is 3M it may not be as detailed as if the new distributor in town wants to buy from you.

We review:

  • Dunn and Bradstreet Reports
  • Trade References
  • Bank References
  • Comprehensive Online Report

Using this, we establish a credit line for your customer, and a standardized method of assignment.



SCARY!   Collections, the word itself, has connotations which send shivers down the spines of lenders and borrowers.

What do we do?

  • Review Accounts Receivable balances and ledgers
  • Make phone calls
  • Develop an accounting relationship
  • Provide ongoing support to collect money
  • Provide payment receiving processes
  • Reconcile reasons for non-payment and fix related problems

Our team of accounts receivable collectors are "your company", meaning your customer doesn't know it's an outside vendor calling them.   Discretion is valued, as is respect and courtesy.

Cash Application

Cash application is as simple as it sounds.  We provide:

  • Lockbox services
  • Payment processing and application
  • Payment research
  • Posting of payments
  • Reconciliation


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