Why Do You Need A Bookkeeper?

Proper bookkeeping allows your business to easily keep all financials up-to-date so you can better manage your business. While there are many reasons why small businesses fail - or turn less than the healthy profit they deserve - research suggests that one of the main culprits is poor accounting.

What Do We Do? 

Sharp Specialty Resources offers a wide variety of bookkeeping services to cater to your needs whether large or small, and custom solutions that fit your budget.

Quickbooks Subscription Discount

Quickbooks Desktop to Online Transition

chart of accounts setup and maintenance

Quickbooks Training


Onsite Accounting Support

offsite accounting support

Accounting Statement Review

Bookkeeping vs. Accounting

This is what sets us apart.  A bookkeeper traditionally enters data into your accounting system, and reconciles the books with your bank account.

An accountant actually examines those entries and analyzes the data to offer valuable feedback.  It's what we call Next Level Service.  We use this information to meet with you on a recurring basis to review:

Asset Valuation

Depreciation Calculations

Business Valuation

Growth Strategy

Labor Planning

Management Accounting

Profit and Loss Statement Review

What Systems Do We Know?






When Do You Need A Bookkeeper?

As soon as you establish an entity with the Secretary of State.  In fact, we can help with that process.  For $125, we can set up your business entity both with your State and the IRS.

We will help set up a sales tax account, payroll accounts, Bureau of Workers' Compensation accounts, and all compliance related tasks involved with setting up your business.

Not sure you are set up correctly?  Call us today.

How Much Does This Cost?

About 1/3 the cost of  in-house staff.


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